Hear what our partners have to say about the work we do


Dr. Lynne Bianchi – Director of SEERIH, University of Manchester

“My experience of working with Deb & the crew has just been wonderful… They’ve acted as a massive catalyst to really push this agenda of science joining the arts… My views of dance itself have definitely been changed, and that’s not just myself, but it’s academics within the university, professors within the university and people who would have never realised the potential of working through the arts in this way.”

Andrew Vaughan – Learning Manager, the Whitworth

“STRIDE was a real opportunity to explore dance in a gallery environment. My experience of that was amazing, really… One of the things [we took] from STRIDE was the legacy that we knew we wanted to do something similar in our WARP Festival, so the partnership grew.”

Esme Ward – Head of Learning & Engagement, the Whitworth

“The performance was fantastic. Really lively, energetic and just a joy to see all these young people dancing their hearts out – really caring about what they do. So that is great. But also, a joy to work with Dance Manchester.”

Sally Wyatt – Centre for Advanced Training Manager, The Lowry

“They’ve got so many fantastic expertise within the team; in terms of working in sited work, in outdoor work and this is where we’ve learnt a lot as a team from Dance Manchester, in regards to how we can work within our own building, which has just been fantastic.”