I am Joseph Lau

I am Joseph Lau. A North-West dance artist based in Manchester who arrived from Brisbane, Australia just over 5 years ago. I came to the UK because I wanted to broaden my horizons & throw myself into the deep end in creating new work. My first impression of Manchester was about how open the city was to new ideas & the exciting potential that Manchester could be for my work & development. Since landing, I have never looked back & have been incredibly prolific!

As an independent artist – with its rewards, difficulties & challenges, I have managed to create a broad range of different works that include collaborations with composers, digital & new media artists, & fine artists. My works have been presented at most Manchester venues including; MediaCityUK, the greenroom, Z-Arts, Contact Theatre, Edge Theatre & the University of Salford.  I have also had the good fortune of having two outdoor works at Dance Manchester’s ‘Urban Moves International Dance Festival’ in the same year with my work ‘Viva’ as part of the Dance Channels initiative & ‘Revolve’ with collaborators Bridget Fiske & composer Gavin Wayte. I have also been an active advocate of Manchester as a place to make & create new work when presenting my outcomes to audiences in London, Venice, Genoa (Genova), Zaragoza, Newcastle & Edinburgh.

My time in the UK has made me more politically aware as an artist & I have made two new solo works that respond to the times that we live in, being STAFF ID: 5201’ & ‘The Age of Ledger’ which consider the social & cultural relationships that we have with money, & the treatment of people as commodities.

My interest & ambitions in being an Associate in the Moving Dance Forward initiative were to deepen my relationships with the MDF partner organisations, market & promote my work to new audiences & venues, deepen my practice, & to investigate a new political work that engages with artists from countries including Spain, Ireland & Italy.

I have begun planning for the coming year, so I hope you can stay tuned in to my developments as they come…


@MovingDanceFwd #MDF