Lisi Perry

The Moving Dance Forward Show

Hello again, I’ve still been working away in the studio, playing with ideas and enjoying working with dancers here in Liverpool. Early in January, I started with an intensive week working with Lauren Tucker, Jen Hale and Becca Thomas – we worked with a box of hats and the music of Beth Allen. Beth joined us on the Wednesday to play, sing and share some her song lyrics with us. This led us into very beautiful and complex ideas, singing whilst moving, singing in a round, playing against this and travelling in and out of canon. The dancers had to use their brains and mathematic minds to solve the puzzles we were inventing.

“…we’ll be sharing a trio accompanied by Beth, at the Moving Dance Forward performance at Unity Theatre.”

I love these conundrums that appear out of layering materials on top of one another, and during this process I saw more potential ideas for the future. During the week there seemed to be a small trio developing and I invited video artist Danny Williams in to work with us – to play and to listen to the process, offering any ideas that he had, on a visual level. This was refreshing and led to me and Danny meeting on numerous occasions throughout the past couple of months, to explore ideas from footage and how this could develop in relation to both our work.
On a more regular basis, I have been teaching a release based technique class followed by some time for research at the new space in Liverpool (8 Water Street). This is a huge space which helps gain a good distance on work when trying out ideas.

So, lots of sparks have been flying around and new beginnings with material have been emerging. I have also been meeting with other artists and discussing different ways to develop with them. It’s been good to stop and just remind myself of my initial desire to research, develop and discover; rather than just make and regurgitate material.
I am looking forward to working with Gen, Lauren, Becca and Beth again at the end of the month, where we’ll be sharing a trio accompanied by Beth at the Moving Dance Forward performance – at Unity Theatre, March 31st. Not in the auditorium, but in the bar area; before, in between and after the other pieces, this way you can enjoy the social aspect of coming to the show at the same time as enjoying experiencing our work.
Hope to see and meet some of you there,


Perry Christmas

Lisi Perry here. It’s that time of year again – when most of us get to have a little rest. I am certainly looking forward to that & looking forward to seeing my little boys face on Christmas morning, as well as spending time with family & friends – as cliché as it sounds… but it’s true. We never seem to stop & just ‘be’. What does it take for us to just stop & look around, or see something new & different? What makes us take a long to trip to see the ‘Tower of London poppies’? Is it to be part of something that everyone else wants to be involved with? Is it the media who has engaged us, or do we want to experience the spectacular?.. I often wonder – I wonder what people want & I’m interested in asking them. If I made a piece of dance theatre for them, is it important that they know what it is, or for; or is seeing it, hearing about it, experiencing it enough?

“…it has been a joy, & the experience has been a breath of fresh air.”

During the past few months, I have worked each week in a studio with different dancers. Each week with no pressure on creating the piece, it has been a joy, & the experience has been a breath of fresh air. Watching the footage afterwards has been most interesting, as it seems I have created material which I can see out there, in front of the public. I am planning to do a more intensive period in the first week of January, to let in the New Year with Moving Dance Forward & see where some of that material can go…but the best thing about it is that there isn’t pressure about whether any of that material manifests into a piece. During my ‘playtime’ (this is what I’ve been calling it) my mind seems to be let free & I’ve started to work in areas I do not usually enter in to, sometimes continuing on with ideas that in the past I would have thrown away! I have also been taking more time to listen to the dancers in the room & connect with their desires/thoughts a little more.

So, Merry Christmas to you all & I look forward to sharing some of my ideas/work in 2015. Enjoy ‘just being’ this Christmas.

Lisi. X



I am Lisi Perry

I am Lisi Perry. I have been a dance artist & ‘hoofer’ since 1989. I was introduced to contemporary dance by Cheshire Dance (Workshop in the 80’s) with Veronica Lewis & many others including; Phoenix, Bev Stevens & Lindsey McAlister, to name but a few. After receiving a thorough performance training at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance & with the National Youth Dance Company, I continued my training in performance & touring, with dance companies such as; Scottish Dance Theatre (née Dundee Rep) & Motionhouse Dance Theatre. At this time I was drawn more to the work I was performing in & how it was received by its audiences. I have been pursuing this from then on; teaching, choreographing & directing. Whether this be with dance makers – such as Jasmin Vardimon & Kevin Finnan, or choreographically with my own style of work with ‘COLLISION’ (founded 2004). One of my main areas of interest is audience & communication. This area took me in to more research & to pursue an MA in Dance Theatre Practice. During this period I challenged myself to work on large-scale project, ‘The LINE’ (commissioned by the Liverpool Capital of Culture Company, 2008), which involved 100 participants and co-directing a theatre production of Jane Eyre in Perth, 2009 – winning the Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland (CATS).

The Moving Dance Forward associate scheme (MDF), for me personally, is MMF – Moving Me Forward. On applying for the scheme, I sat down & thought what it was that I really needed to concentrate on, to move me forward at this stage. This meant getting back in the studio with dancers & performers to experiment & explore my choreographic style & ideas. My other desire was for this to happen on a more regular basis, with a weekly session in a space where I could build a relationship with dancers & potentially develop more ways to partner with organisations & promoters. Throughout the next year I will be returning to the more detailed style of choreography, developing my personal artistry over a longer period of time which has been described as; quirky, athletic, physical, accessible & humorous.

My researching will also include the connection between audience & performer by opening a dialogue during the process of creation, by sharing work in open rehearsals to inform my practice & build visibility with the public. I am truly interested in what our audiences think, like and want.


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