Producing for Placemaking – Artist Call out for Commissions

Dance Manchester is seeking proposals from North West independent artists and companies for 2 commissioning opportunities of £10,000!

Commission 1: To create an outdoor performance utilising dance forms of the African diaspora

Commission 2: To create a family friendly dance performance for libraries

Each Commission Package Includes:

  • £10,000 commissioning funds
  • Performance opportunities as part of Refract festival, Sale, Trafford, 20th & 21st July 2018
  • Paid opportunity for schools workshops & performances
  • Support to access space for creation
  • CPD & Mentoring support
  • Photo shoot and promotional trailer development support
  • Some marketing & tour-booking sup

To find out more and apply, read the commissioning briefs below:

COMMISSION 1 – Outdoor dance work with Dance of the African Diaspora

COMMISSION 2 – Dance for Libraries

Deadline for Proposals: Midnight on the 29th April 2018

Interviews for Shortlisted Artists will be held between 8th – 11th May 2018

This project is supported by Waterside Arts, Trafford Libraries, One Dance UK, Sustained Theatre up North, the Arts in Libraries Cultural Hub at St Helen’s Council and by using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

Mentors: Luca Silvestrini of Protein Dance & ACE Dance & Music (both companies featured in images above)













Today we join ‘Stellarium’ participating school, Derby High School, Bury, for their once in a lifetime opportunity to speak directly to ESA – European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake, aboard the ISS.

Derby High School are one of three Greater Manchester schools involved in our Stellarium project, communicating astrophysics via dance with a particular focus on our sun and how stars are formed. Stellarium includes schools groups Derby High School, Bury, Falinge Park High School, Rochdale & Wright Robinson, East Manchester. Information on the science behind star formation and the Sun have been provided by Dr Rowan Smith, Norman Lockyer Fellow at Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, which is part of the University of Manchester and by Dr Helen Mason of The University of Cambridge. This information is supporting choreography by Bridget Fiske which will support the 3 groups to come together in performances at:


  • Manchester Day, June 19th
  • Great Shared Science event at Manchester Town Hall and at Museum of Science and Industry, July 6th
  • Signatures sited youth dance trail, at the Lowry – as part of U.Dance National Youth Dance Festival, July 10th
  • performance at Manchester Central 2, July 24th or 25th (tbc)


Stellarium is a partnership project between the Fascinate Hub at University of Manchester and Dance Manchester.

Until then

The New Year means I am moving into the next two phases of my Moving Dance Forward project. Between now and June I will be working on some ensemble choreographic research and a new digitally interactive solo work. Both projects are all about testing process, ideas and understanding outcomes; including the very unexpected. As an artist, experimentation is such an important part of eventually finding quality outcomes.

When entering into a creative process I try to find a balance between planning and letting go to what emerges, in the rehearsal space. I certainly do enter the space with points of departure. Often these are connected to subjects, topics, issues and questions I have an interest in. Sometimes I understand why these are fore for me, and sometimes I listen to what’s emerging into my awareness of thought and don’t ask too many “why’s”. I just let myself listen. The why’s do come up later however, as I start to define what is right for the work that is emerging.

“As an artist, experimentation is such an important part of eventually finding quality outcomes.”

This research project is about having several points of departure that demand the development of diversity in process. This approach consequently supports me in questioning creative methodologies and philosophies, as well as creating ‘signature’ outcomes. This project is ultimately about experimenting across a breadth of thought and testing ideas to become clearer in: my artistic interests, my communicative interests, and the processes that lead me to the creation of strong artistic content.

I am looking forward to my ideas becoming far more grounded, embodied and practical when in the studio.

This process has started this week – which is exciting. I am spending time in a studio alone at times, as well as with other performers. I am simply trying different ways of making, seeing what outcomes these methods produce, and considering what I might like to develop further. Once further into the process, I feel I will be able to share more stories of discovery, what themes and concepts are emerging, and the joys and challenges that come up along the way. Until then…


Bridget Fiske.

Dance Magazine

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