Perry Christmas

Lisi Perry here. It’s that time of year again – when most of us get to have a little rest. I am certainly looking forward to that & looking forward to seeing my little boys face on Christmas morning, as well as spending time with family & friends – as cliché as it sounds… but it’s true. We never seem to stop & just ‘be’. What does it take for us to just stop & look around, or see something new & different? What makes us take a long to trip to see the ‘Tower of London poppies’? Is it to be part of something that everyone else wants to be involved with? Is it the media who has engaged us, or do we want to experience the spectacular?.. I often wonder – I wonder what people want & I’m interested in asking them. If I made a piece of dance theatre for them, is it important that they know what it is, or for; or is seeing it, hearing about it, experiencing it enough?

“…it has been a joy, & the experience has been a breath of fresh air.”

During the past few months, I have worked each week in a studio with different dancers. Each week with no pressure on creating the piece, it has been a joy, & the experience has been a breath of fresh air. Watching the footage afterwards has been most interesting, as it seems I have created material which I can see out there, in front of the public. I am planning to do a more intensive period in the first week of January, to let in the New Year with Moving Dance Forward & see where some of that material can go…but the best thing about it is that there isn’t pressure about whether any of that material manifests into a piece. During my ‘playtime’ (this is what I’ve been calling it) my mind seems to be let free & I’ve started to work in areas I do not usually enter in to, sometimes continuing on with ideas that in the past I would have thrown away! I have also been taking more time to listen to the dancers in the room & connect with their desires/thoughts a little more.

So, Merry Christmas to you all & I look forward to sharing some of my ideas/work in 2015. Enjoy ‘just being’ this Christmas.

Lisi. X