I am Lisi Perry

I am Lisi Perry. I have been a dance artist & ‘hoofer’ since 1989. I was introduced to contemporary dance by Cheshire Dance (Workshop in the 80’s) with Veronica Lewis & many others including; Phoenix, Bev Stevens & Lindsey McAlister, to name but a few. After receiving a thorough performance training at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance & with the National Youth Dance Company, I continued my training in performance & touring, with dance companies such as; Scottish Dance Theatre (née Dundee Rep) & Motionhouse Dance Theatre. At this time I was drawn more to the work I was performing in & how it was received by its audiences. I have been pursuing this from then on; teaching, choreographing & directing. Whether this be with dance makers – such as Jasmin Vardimon & Kevin Finnan, or choreographically with my own style of work with ‘COLLISION’ (founded 2004). One of my main areas of interest is audience & communication. This area took me in to more research & to pursue an MA in Dance Theatre Practice. During this period I challenged myself to work on large-scale project, ‘The LINE’ (commissioned by the Liverpool Capital of Culture Company, 2008), which involved 100 participants and co-directing a theatre production of Jane Eyre in Perth, 2009 – winning the Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland (CATS).

The Moving Dance Forward associate scheme (MDF), for me personally, is MMF – Moving Me Forward. On applying for the scheme, I sat down & thought what it was that I really needed to concentrate on, to move me forward at this stage. This meant getting back in the studio with dancers & performers to experiment & explore my choreographic style & ideas. My other desire was for this to happen on a more regular basis, with a weekly session in a space where I could build a relationship with dancers & potentially develop more ways to partner with organisations & promoters. Throughout the next year I will be returning to the more detailed style of choreography, developing my personal artistry over a longer period of time which has been described as; quirky, athletic, physical, accessible & humorous.

My researching will also include the connection between audience & performer by opening a dialogue during the process of creation, by sharing work in open rehearsals to inform my practice & build visibility with the public. I am truly interested in what our audiences think, like and want.


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