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STRIDE artist, David Willdridge


David Willdridge sat down with Chris Connolly to talk about returning to STRIDE & developing it…


Chris: How much did you take away from your last experience working on STRIDE?

David: With last year being my first on the project, I was impressed with the vastness of its outreach. As far as projects that introduce people to dance, let alone young lads, STRIDE is a great model.

CC: What are you expecting this time around?

DW: You never can guess what’s around the corner, however, I’d like to see some familiar faces from last year and maybe get some new guys interested in starting a path towards a dance career.

CC: You took on a very diverse group at the Whitworth last year, who were brilliant. How big a role does inclusivity play in making STRIDE what it is?

DW: Last year was the first STRIDE to actively be more inclusive. This year that process will develop. We’re lucky to draw together a great team that offers quality dance sessions for everyone.

CC: And finally, what makes STRIDE such a special project?

DW: I can’t sing STRIDE’s praises enough. As far as projects go that introduce dance to young guys in an accessible and fun way, you’d be searching for a long time to find anything that comes close to STRIDE.


STRIDE is our free young men’s dance project, presented in partnership with professional touring dance company, Company Chameleon. Dance with a difference. Get involved today!

Interview by Chris Connolly – DM’s Marketing & Social Media Co-ordinator

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