I am Christopher Owen

I am Christopher Owen. I am from a town in the North West, called Macclesfield. A town on the edge of the Pennines, notable for its divisive introverts – with a slightly depressive demeanour; including Ian Curtis (Joy Division), New Order (some of), The Macc Lads, & Mr Methane (a guy who made a career out of his arse, literally). As a boy I would do my best to escape. I continued north to Manchester, a city exclusively Victorian & permanently covered in cloud, a city that confronts you, accepts you, ignores you & needs you. I had to leave Manchester to come back, to gain some understanding of something greater.

I work in the composition of dance & the organisation of sound. I make solo work & group work, I walk a lot, I write a lot, I get stuck a lot, I think a lot & I move a lot. Being a Moving Dance Forward associate artist will give me the luxury & support to do all those things without having to wait on tables etc. to fund my habit.

Since being awarded the MDF fund, I have restaged John Cage’s Water Walk for a sharing at Salford Uni. I am interested in following this up & understanding Cage’s methods – the use of scores & chance procedures, in relation to my own work. I will also try out some new ideas, some old, some good, some bad.

Ultimately this fund will help me understand more about what my practice is, & what my voice is as, an emerging male artist working in dance today.